Yule Smoke Wands
Yule Smoke Wands
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Yule Smoke Wands

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The Yule smoke wand was wrapped with intentions of abundance for this holiday season!

It is crafted with organically and locally grown sage, locally wild harvested pinyon pine, organically grown cinnamon stick, and a slice of an organically grown orange.

Smoke wands or “Smudge Sticks” are often incorporated in ceremonies, rituals, aromatherapy, or purely for fun!

To smudge yourself- light your smoke wand and fan the smoke around your body from head to toe. Pay special attention to the areas where you are experiencing pain or feeling blockages. 

To smudge another- use your hand or a feather to fan the smoke around the persons body. Ask them to think of an intention while they do this, have them share it with you so that you can put the intention into the smoke as well. 

To smudge a room- using a feather or your hand, fan the smoke around the perimeter of the room. Paying close attention to corners, doorways, and closets.

To extinguish the smudge stick, use a fireproof plate/receptacle (I like to use a ceramic plate, or stone) and press the top of the smudge stick firmly into the plate until there are no embers present any longer. Make sure that your smoke wand is completely put out before leaving the room.


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