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Pinion Pine Essential Oil
Pinion Pine Essential Oil
Baker Creek Lavender Farm

Pinion Pine Essential Oil

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Latin Name: Pinus edulis

The Sacred Pinion Pine is another conifer at the farm. History in Native American culture and folklore refer to it as “the tree of life”, the seeds from this tree are deliciously edible. Just being near a Pinion Pine is noticeably calming.
Sourced: Our very own artisan small batch distillation, Wild Crafted with love, gratitude and sustainability, by hand on and around the farm (Southern Utah)
Method: Steam Distillation. (Same day as harvested)
Parts used: Needles and twigs. Pine cones when possible (seasonal)
Approximate shelf life: Stored properly 4-5 years.
Smell: Crisp, Piney, woody, fresh and sweet. 

More Common Uses:

  1. Respiratory congestion, colds, flu’s. Promotes healthy lung activity.
  2. Manage minor pain, arthritis, joint, muscle pain.
  3. Help boost a compromised immune system.
  4. Purifying, protection, air-cleansing.
  5. Calming, balancing and gently uplifting.
Pinion Pine has been used for many purposes throughout history, from food to medicinal teas, tonics and in ceremony. Too many to list here, please continue your research on this wonderful sacred conifer.
Use in diffuser, start with a few drops and work up if needed.
Use topically, mix approximately 2% with your favorite carrier oil (12 drops of essential oil to 1 oz carrier oil) Please do not exceed.
Use in your blends for chest rubs, arthritis, joint and muscle pain.
 External use only. Please make sure you have no skin reactions/allergies to any oils you might use. We do not recommend use with children, if you’re pregnant or long term use. Avoid eyes and orifices. No statements are approved by the FDA. Not meant to diagnose or treat anything. Please seek out the assistance of a certified aromatherapist and/or herbalist.

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