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Mending Class Fee
Mending Class Fee
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Mending Class Fee

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Mending Class

Bring your denim, twill, canvas or medium weight linen clothing items that have a hole, tear, snag or are thread bare and let’s get them fixed up for you and keep them in use and looking amazing. This piece of clothing might just become your very favorite!!!

Visible mending on our clothes can serve the practical purpose of strengthening and repairing worn areas. It can also give some unique and one of kind character to a garment and represent your personal artistic style.The way you decide to mend an item is very personal. In this class I will demonstrate different options
for mending your natural fiber, medium weight clothing items and you can decide how to move forward with your own mend. I will bring a variety of my mended garments as examples so you have lots of inspiration.

The class is 2 hours in length. After some instruction on techniques and different mending methods you will have time to work on your own project and I will be right there to help and answer your questions.

Basic supply kit provided:
2 needles
Felt needle holder
3 colors of pearl cotton thread size 5 (colors: denim, gold, white)
1 white water-soluble marking pencil
4 safety pins
Handmade cotton bag made from 100% cotton shirts

Please bring:
- Your own clothing item that needs to be mended: We will be focusing on fabrics such as denim, cotton twill, cotton canvas, or medium weight linen clothing items. This could be jeans, jackets, pants, shorts, or shirts in these natural fiber fabrics or something of similar weight.
- Patches for your mending project: it should be at least 2 inches bigger all around than the damaged area and made of similar weight fabric (I will also have some patches of various fabrics too that you can choose to use)
- Scissors
- Ruler
Class Cost: $40 including instruction & supply kit

When: Saturday, January 23, 2020 from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm at the Modern Farm &
Artisan Co-op (MoFACo) 55 N Main St, St George, Utah

Instructor: Jenny Griggs (@barnwoodlantern)

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