Liver Cleanse Tincture- Blend
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Liver Cleanse Tincture- Blend

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This tincture is a blend of 5 liver supportive herbs, all infused separately in a strong grain alcohol to pull out the most potent amount of medicinal properties. Once infused, the 5 medicinal tinctures are combined together to create a well balanced blend.

Milk Thistle Seed- Modern research supports it's use in counteracting poisons and toxins, reducing alcohol damage, and protecting against viral toxins. 

Schisandra Berries- The "five flavored fruit" shows a wide diversity of actions, it is high in lignan content which demonstrates hepatoprotective actions agains viral infection and metal toxicity.

Turmeric Root- Full of antioxidants which helps your liver from being damaged by toxins

Licorice Root- Protects against viral infection of the liver (including hepatitis and herpes) 

Dandelion Root- The polysaccharides in dandelion root are shown to assist the liver in detoxing, and can help with skin problems. 

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