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Harvest Smoke Wand
Desert Roots Apothecary

Harvest Smoke Wand

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The harvest smoke wand is made up of all locally grown herbs, and completed with a slice of organic orange.

Smoke wands or “Smudge Sticks” are often incorporated in ceremonies, rituals, aromatherapy, or purely for fun!

Therapeutically- burned to focus on peace, restful sleep, and happiness. It can address insomnia, depression, and anxiety

Magically- used to attract love, passion, and harmony! Also widely used for protection! Indecisiveness and conflict are washed away!

Therapeutically- Removes bacteria from the air, improves intuition, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Magically- Purifies specific objects, clears negative energies, brings one back into balance, and can relieve one of worries!

Therapeutically- Boosts memory, improves mood, helps with migraines, fights fatigue, anti-bacterial!

Magically- Rid a room of negative energies, increase creativity, awaken heart and soul, and attract love!

All bundled with intentions of healing and protection

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