Wondering how to use your SNAP/EBT benefits at the market? Never heard of DUFB? What the heck are these tokens for? Let us explain:

MoFACo and all of it's markets, strive to provide healthy food to all members of the community. The Downtown Farmers Market has accepted SNAP for 7 years!!! WHAT?!?!?! With that in mind every year we apply for the Double Up Food Buck Grant (DUFB), a program that allows us to mach up to $20 each week in fresh fruit and veggies at each location. This makes shopping local so much more feasible for people in tough situations.


So how does it work? When you log on to each week, pick out what you would like to use your SNAP/EBT benefits on first. This includes meat, cheese, bread, eggs, baked goods, coffee, etc. You can spend as much as you want, BUT WE CAN ONLY MATCH $20. Now you have $xxx in your cart, you can go to the search bar and type DUFB. All products that qualify will show up. Add up to $20. Continue to check out and select SNAP/EBT and voila! Your DUFB items will still show in your total amount due, but we will manually adjust this when you pay in person. 

What happens if there's no produce? What happens if I only buy $15 worth of cherries but I spent $20 on meat? In any situation like this, we will give you back green DUFB tokens. These tokens can be used on any future qualifying purchases. Which means if later you want to buy $30 worth of apples, you can use the $20 DUFB allotment for that week and $10 of your saved green tokens.