MPE Designs

MPE Designs was founded as a conduit to allow anyone an opportunity to experience and add mindfulness and purpose to their life. With jewelry and sculpture as their main emphasis, this small business is led by artist Kierstin Madsen. She has been creating unique handmade items that ring and resonate with those who encounter them for over 16 years. MPE Designs works in metal, fiber arts, canvas, paper, wood, leather and much more. The unique artistic processes she uses keeps each piece of jewelry unique and as individualistic. A goal of MPE Designs is to encourage the wearer to make a personal connection with the jewelry pieces through visual, emotional, and spiritual investigation.

” Everything we encounter and resonate with is purposeful. Whether we understand it or not, the things we choose to wear and display on our bodies are one of the most powerful ways to connect our inner selves with the world. I want my jewelry to encourage the wearer to look deeper into why they make these choices…what does it symbolize? What does it mean to them? What does it mean when viewed by someone else? Did they pick the jewelry or did the jewelry pick them? Mindfulness is the key to self-understanding, self-respect, self-repair, and self-empowerment…We are all creators, individuals and have infinite meaning and purpose. I want my pieces to help awaken or reawaken those thoughts and qualities into the lives of all who encounter my jewelry.”

Kierstin Madsen