Morganne Leigh

“Using watercolor, acrylic, handmade papers, collage, and objects from nature, I enter my creative world with passion.  My paintings explore my love of people, spirituality, nature, ancient wisdom, and prehistoric art. .

It takes real courage to paint from your intuition without any idea of what may appear. As I paint, I relearn the value of trusting my instincts.  By taking risks, I welcome the fear of the unknown and tap into my soul’s essence.

My career began to flourish after I completed The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I was accepted to the juried art shows I entered. My art was put on a restaurant wall and hung in an art gallery. My ego felt satisfied, but my soul did not. I attended Naropa University for several years with the intention of becoming an art therapist. My degree was in Expressive Arts and Well-being. In my expressive arts classes, I discovered the miraculous ways in which my own intuitive connection brought life to a blank sheet of paper. When I am in a state of inspiration, something greater is moving through me.

Being an artist who has experienced physical and emotional pain, I felt drawn to Frida.   Her art, her strength……. the passion of her soul lives forever in our hearts.

Viva la Vida (long live life) was created on 300 lb. 40 by 60 arches watercolor paper. After many layers of gesso, molding paste and paint, the angel wings and face appeared.  Intuitively, I felt the presence of Frida Kahlo with the message that her strength, her courage, and the passion of her soul live forever.

I hope you enjoy viewing “Viva la Vida” as much as I did creating it.”

Morganne Leigh