Little Puppers

A Day in the Life of Little Puppers is Natalie's first children's book. It is a compilation of several rhyming stories that teach children how to care for puppies. At the end of the stories are some puppy care tips approved by her father for parents to discuss with their children. Each story has at least one veterinary tip. The book concludes with several essential veterinarian recommendations all pet owners should ensure they do for the health and well being of their puppies. Natalie is in the process of illustrating her second children's book, The Adventures of Little Puppers.

Natalie loves children and animals. As a daughter of a veterinarian and a creative mother, she was raised with a house full of animals. It was a happy childhood. She has two children and a wonderful husband who inspire her to chase her dream of being a writer and illustrator. During COVID-19, their beloved dog Ivy passed away. They were blessed with a new puppy who cheered them up in the dreariest months of the pandemic. That puppy is called Jasper and nicknamed Little Puppers.

Natalie graduated with a BA in English and a MBA from the University of Utah. Her published works include Memoir of a Veterinarian and A Day in the Life of Little Puppers. Memoir of a Veterinarian was written about her father, Dr. Frank G. Markos. This book includes Dr. Markos's business development plan of the first veterinary emergency clinic in the Intermountain West, as well as several of his favorite veterinarian stories from his practice of 53 years and a mystery about two stolen calves. This is an excellent book for anyone who is interested in pursuing veterinary medicine.