Deb Hussey Creations

Debbie is from the proverbial family, Father a carpenter, Mother a dressmaker. She is the youngest of 5 and several of her siblings have always been artistic. She however bloomed late in life to the artistic world.

Since her children are grown, and being a type “A” personality, she always has to be doing something. Several years ago she took up crocheting. She doesn't particularly care for the normal “granny square” blankets, instead she loves to crochet animals or dolls as they seem to come alive when she is making them. Her mother taught her the chain stitch as a youngster but that was about it. She is self taught and has taught herself to read crochet patterns.

In 2014, her sister asked her if she had ever heard of “Needle Felting”, she had not. So once she explored this form of art she totally fell in love with it and hasn’t stopped yet.

She had found a mentor that has instructed her via tutorials. Sarah Renzulli. After several years of learning this art, she feels that she is now ready to share this wonderful world of Needle Felting or as she likes to call it Wool Sculpting with the outside world. In 2022 she became a Certified Needle Felting Instructor through Sarah Renzulli, Sarafina Fiber Art, Inc.