Dayzie Mae

My name is Bree Anna Beal, most people know me by Bree! I was born and raised in sunny St.George, Utah and I'm in love with it here. I have a passion for creating, gardening, animals, and all things natural! I am here to spread love and light throughout each creation.

I have a one woman ran business, Dayzie Mae, named after my furbaby, Miss Dayzie Mae! I have been actively building my business since 2016. You can find me on Etsy, Instagram, and facebook! I love creating boho styled decor! Things like macrame, plants, crystals, and wire wrapping excite me! It’s all love over here. I go with the flow and do what makes my soul shine, what truly makes my highest self happy! 

If you can’t find me creating, you will find me out adventuring with my pups or off being a big kid. I truly am blessed to live this life. I put all of my heart, so much love, into each and every creation I make. I hope they bring all the love and comfort to you, that creating them brought to me.

Sending so much love, always.

Bree Beal

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